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"Compared to other cigar holders I have purchased in the past, this far exceeds them in use and quality." - Steve (verified review)

Frequently Asked Questions About Perfecto Cigar Holder

Q:  How is Perfecto Cigar Holder different from other cigar holders on the market?
A:  Unlike other cigar holders, Perfecto Cigar Holder doesn't clamp or squeeze your cigar, so it won't ruin the wrapper.  It also attaches easily to any surface with one hand (no need to hold the clamp with one hand, attach the cigar with the other hand and then re-attach the holder to the golf cart). Simply clamp Perfecto Cigar Holder to the console of your golf cart (or boat, or motorcyle, or picnic table) and set your cigar in it.  It's like an elongated and luxurious ashtray for one cigar!

Q:    Can you personalize Perfecto Cigar Holder?
A:    Yes!  We can apply any company logo or name to each side of the cigar holder's tray to promote your business or product.  You will be surprised how affordable personalized Perfecto Cigar Holders are.  They make awesome corporate gifts.  Just call us at 404-550-7143 or e-mail: for details.

Q:    I live in Australia.  How can I get one of your cigar holders?
A:    No problem!  We ship internationally to all corners of the globe.  You can also order Perfecto Cigar Holder through 

Q:    I like to smoke big cigars.  Most cigar holders I have seen won't hold big cigars.  What are the size limits of Perfecto Cigar Holder?
A:    Size matters :-) Perfecto Cigar Holder's unique and patented design will hold cigars up to 80 ring. And just as an FYI, it will also safely hold the smallest cigars.

Q:    Will Perfecto Cigar Holder melt or burn from the heat of the cigar?  After all, it's made out of plastic.
A:    No!  It's not plastic!  Perfecto Cigar Holder is injection-molded out of first run virgin nylon, which has a melting point of approximately 520 degrees Fahrenheit (that's 271 degrees Celsius, for our friends in Europe).  Perfecto Cigar Holder has undergone extensive burn testing and we guarantee that it won't burn or melt with normal use.  Now, if you take your blow torch to it or throw it in your fire pit, that's a different story...

Q:    I own a beautifully restored wooden Chris-Craft.   Will Perfecto Cigar Holder leave scratches?
A:    Absolutely not!  The feet of Perfecto Cigar Holder are made out of soft, tacky and pliable plastic that will firmly grip, yet never scratch or damage any delicate surface.  We have even tested it on antique furniture :-)

Q:    Will Perfecto Cigar Holder fall off the golf cart, if I hit a bump?
A:    No way, Jose.  Perfecto Cigar Holder has a wound, pre-loaded piano wire spring (also made in the USA) that will hold it tightly in place.  Short of driving off a cliff or hitting a bump so hard you'll get whiplash, Perfecto Cigar Holder won't budge.

Q:    What about my cigar?  Will it fall out of the cigar holder when I go around a curve?
A:    Unless you drive your golf cart like you're trying to win the Baja 1000, your cigar will stay in place.  Perfecto Cigar Holder's patented groove and elevated rest design with the additional protection of the 1" tray will ensure that your stogie is safe.

Q:    Which way does the cigar go in the cigar holder?
A:    Simply place your cigar in the Perfecto Cigar Holder like you would use your favorite ashtray. Lit end first!

Q:    What happens if I forget my Perfecto Cigar Holder on the golf cart?
A:    Well, the next guy will certainly enjoy it.  And you can buy another one (or two) right here!

Q:    Is Perfecto Cigar Holder available in other colors?
A:    Yes, we can produce Perfecto Cigar Holders in as many different colors as the rainbow.  However, minimum orders apply.  So, if you'd like to have a few hundred made in a custom-color to give to your closest friends, call us at 404-550-7143 or e-mail:  We will make it happen!

Q:    Will Perfecto Cigar Holder fit in my golf bag?
A:    Yes.  Perfecto Cigar Holder measures 8" x 6.5" x 1.25" and will comfortably fit into the side pocket of just about any golf bag.  If you have a golf bag that holds a box of golf balls, it will easily hold the world's greatest cigar holder.

Q:    If I drop Perfecto Cigar Holder, will it break?
A:    No.  We guarantee the quality and stability of our product.  It is so sturdy, you'd have a difficult time breaking it, if you tried.  In fact, we  drove over one of our Perfecto Cigar Holders with a golf cart (just to see how it would hold up) and it survived (not recommended, though :-)).

Q:    Will Perfecto Cigar Holder work in zero gravity situations?  I am contemplating a trip on the     Virgin Galactic.
A:    Yes, however, the cigar will float out.  You may want to bring along some rubber bands.

Q:    Will Perfecto Cigar Holder make a good gift for my father-in-law?
A:    If your father-in-law is a cigar connoisseur who enjoys golf, boating, fishing, motorcycling or just about any outdoor (or indoor) activity that is complemented by a great cigar, he will love it.  Buy two and give the second one to your husband!

Q:     Who built this?
A:    We did!

Q:    Do I need a background check or register my Perfecto Cigar Holder?
A:    No.  But who knows what the future will bring.  Better order now!

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